Green grass at last!

The rabbits in the grain bin colony enjoyed the past week with great sunshine and plentifull, thick green grass.   It does get pretty cold at night, but no worry for these furry creatures.  First sign of snow however and they will put a guilt trip on me for moving them back to grain and straw.  I wish White Rabbit were here to enjoy this last burst of sunshine and green grass before the full onslaught of winter hits us.  I feel the emptiness of his cage and it still bothers me to think about it.  See you tomorrow….


Day 2, No Change


Well White Rabbit continues to eat well and pulls himself around at will. I’m just wondering if he had any internal problems that haven’t shown up yet. Day 2 was a long day as was the first night. I keep wondering if I should put him down, but the look from his eyes tell me not quite yet.