Day 1463

It has been a while since the days of White Rabbit.  Many things have changed in my life, I’ve relocated, found a new love, and met many new friends.  I have lost a few good friends also.  I still think about White Rabbit.  I can see it now, on my death bed, no,  it won’t be RoseBud, it will be White Rabbit:)


Green grass at last!

The rabbits in the grain bin colony enjoyed the past week with great sunshine and plentifull, thick green grass.   It does get pretty cold at night, but no worry for these furry creatures.  First sign of snow however and they will put a guilt trip on me for moving them back to grain and straw.  I wish White Rabbit were here to enjoy this last burst of sunshine and green grass before the full onslaught of winter hits us.  I feel the emptiness of his cage and it still bothers me to think about it.  See you tomorrow….

Day 3

Fresh green grass usually gets the rabbits attention.  Today, all but one, White Rabbit.  White rabbit succumbed to paralysis at approximately 4PM.  I dug a hole and said a few words.  I wish I could have done something for him.  

Day 2, No Change


Well White Rabbit continues to eat well and pulls himself around at will. I’m just wondering if he had any internal problems that haven’t shown up yet. Day 2 was a long day as was the first night. I keep wondering if I should put him down, but the look from his eyes tell me not quite yet.


Creating White Rabbit


I am a generous and moral (not to confuse with moralizing) person. I always work on self-improvement. I am very ambitious and have very high standards. People might think that communicating with me is difficult, it isn’t easy to be me. I work very hard but I am not in the least selfish. I work because I want to improve the world. I have a great capacity to love people until they hurt me. But even after they do. . . I keep loving. Very few people can appreciate everything I do. That being said, I killed my white rabbit. That may be too harsh for what happened, but it’s the end of the day and I dug a hole. I know I will think of this rabbit, daily for a while, so why not name my blog after him.

It started Wednesday with this very loud and awful screech as I looked up from cleaning up around the cages, I must have spooked white rabbit because he got his paw caught up somehow in between part of the feeder and the cage. The screeching stopped and all of a sudden, and he bolted, scrambling around inside the cage like a hamster wheel turns in a cage. Then, everything stopped. I think he injured himself as his hind quarter wasn’t moving. I feel absolutely horrible. He then moved slowly, but directly over to his food with his front paws and started eating, just like it was a regular day. I figured I should leave him and see if there are any improvements later in the day. There wasn’t. It was to be a long night. more tomorrow…..